Capturing the essence of fashion in Anacapri: Boutique Margherita


Reading this post, you might be walking around Capri the next time, with a special eye for typical Capri motives. Walking down the pedestrian Via G. Orlandi, you continue past the church of Santa Sofia, and then find to your right-hand side Boutique Margherita. They have online at this newly created Website for two weeks now. In addition to hand-made cotton clothing in trendy colors for holidays on the seaside, this year in beige and pastel colors, but also a lively intense blue, reflecting the sea surrounding Capri.
Here Via G. Orlandi continues next to the church, and the rack on your right-hand side belongs to Boutique Margherita
And this is what I mean that they offer elements of intrinsic Anacapri fashion: on their home-made scarfs, recurring motives of Ancapri are present, such as cancelli (wrought-iron door elements). The picture below from their homepage shows what I mean:
Le grate / i cancelli di Capri: this motive is depicted on products sold at Boutique Margherita: scarfs, bags, you can read more on their website.
Scarfs depicting the railings in Anacapri come in fitting white cotton bags ... but there are also scarfs depicting other typical motives present at Capri, or for which Capri is famous
An inviting open white showroom, 
Typical summer collection in the colors of houses in Ancapri: beige and white, light grey
Light blue touches: bags and scarfs, and a great selection of holiday bags
Some more Capri motives: sandals, Capri pants, holiday sneakers ... 
Colorful and funny collection, here the campane (bells) of Capri.
And this is the REAL cancello ...
A fine boutique in a whitish central location: this is the view from the store on the sunny street towards the church of Santa Sofia. Look at the balconies - here is another example for the recurring motive of Capri ...

Meet Anacapri !!


Anacapri is the second town located on the island of Capri, but it is different. Not so far away from the highest peak of this silvery-green rock island in the midst of the sea, it is a white-washed assembling of typical houses in the midst of splendid countryside (which, by the way, now in April and May is covered by yellow flowering ginestra and Mediterranean macchia like euforbia). So going up to Anacapri from Capri Town takes you up in a somewhat fresher climate, which might be a boon on some hot days. It takes less than ten minutes by taxi parking in Via Roma, not far from the Piazzetta next to the pharmacy. Or you might choose to take the bus, which also stop in Via Roma, the busses are called "Unico Capri" - click here for the timetable.  A one-way ticket is EUR 1.80 approx. while the taxi fare is usually EUR 15. There are actually many open taxis here in Capri, meaning there is the roof, but the cars are open on all three sides where the passengers sit. And here is what you get to see when you go up to Anacapri !!
Yellow patches of meadow flowers but also macchia plant, while many deciduous plant leaves come to life again in April, here we are looking towards Capri
fresh green foliage everywhere you look
Up there in front of us, Anacapri is located ...
A road with towering pine trees leads us to central Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri
Always a landmark sight when driving along Via G. Orlandi, behind the fence is the garden of the hotel Caesar Augustus, with its statue of Augustus ...
From Piazza Vittoria onwards, you could follow Via G. Orlandi towards the center of the old town and its church Santa Sofia. It is a pedestrian zone, and quite a number of shops are lined up here.
This is Via G. Orlandi - in April: lined with small stores and bakeries, restaurants and cafes

Spring air around the Piazzetta


Of course we start describing the new "Capri Moda Year" with the salotto of the island - the Piazzetta. This is what Capri town is like now on warm afternoons. Not too hot to sit in the sun, still the air is mild and the sea breeze reaches up to the Piazzetta, which is actually xx meters above sea level. Now take a look at what the Piazzetta and its views look like now, in mid-April: When you get off the funiculare, you will be greeted by the picture-postcard panorama. And you will notice that the gardens around here are all tinged with yellow - meadow flowers, but also ginestre and euforbia plants, which are part of the rich Mediterranean macchia surrounding both Capri and Anacapri. Breath in the fresh and at the same time mild Mediterranean breeze, and turn round to see how Capri is welcoming back the spring season. Fine Mediterranean pastel colors abound in the shops around the piazza, as we will see a bit later on.
The view down towards the harbor Marina Grande is not yet as lush green as later on in May ...
Here you get a view of the vegetable gardens and flat-roofed houses and the winding road leading down towards the Marina Grande
A large poster is welcoming visitors, giving basic directions .. next to this belvedere, people take in the spring sun 
You turn round to see the clock tower next to the Funicolare station, and the Piazzetta opening to the right ..
The Piazzetta is ALWAYS full of people - maybe in the early morning hours in summer is the only time when you could take your breakfast in relative peace and quiet in one of the four cafes
In the afternoon, the area in front of the white ex-cathedral Santo Stefano is in the shade, so it can be cooler at the beginning of April. Flowers that were put in pots on the stairs of the church are getting greener by the day.
With the other part of the Piazzetta basking in the early afternoon sun, it is another story - one of spring and the feeling to start over again ...
A final treat of this post: If you would like to step into Capri's Piazzetta NOW, just click here for a virtual visit: This is the Italian Tourist Office's Site, and actually represents an audio-visual guide to well-known sights and places in Capri.
A trove for visitors, in six languages: , including panorama pictures and walks

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