Carthusia's travel set capturing Capri's summer wind


Carthusia is one of my favorite brands, and on Capri of course there are three shops including their laboratorio (or "factory", as they call it) where all the flower essences are transformed into the most natural and at the same time sofisticated scents reminiscent of flower bouquets.
This is Carthusia's travel set that I found at Napoli's Capodichino Airport. Four small bottles containing a scented body wash (scent is a surprise), body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. It all comes in a transparent zipped plastic bag, ready to use and to carry in your hand baggage when traveling by air.
A carefully wrapped exclusive gift, by Carthusia, I Profumi di Capri

Bric's Summer Bags - Capri Colors


Bric's is a well-known Italian brand for bags headquartered in Galleria V. Emanuele in Milan. Their bags that are also sold here in Capri: there is one shop in Via Orlandi in Anacapri, and another next to the Piazzetta at Via Roma. Look out for their summer offers, here are two examples:

If you do a lot of walking across Capri, then this one could be your choice, it comes in several colors including azzurro
Bric's shopping bag or even beach bag catching all the colors of Capri

De Luxe Summer Footwear from Capri: Ersilia's


Walking down Via Vittorio Emanuele 53, towards Via Camerelle, you will spot on the left-hand side a small shop named "Ersilia". In addition to all kinds of Capri hand-made sandals, they also sell misty clothes in pastel colors, of the finest quality. 
Ersilia - here you can buy outfits in line with the island's style, but also footwear
Ersilia's sandals come in white silk-like transparent bags, are made of calf leather and sophisticated materials like tiny cristals

Carthusia - Mid-Summer Gifts


Carthusia "I Profumi di Capri" is one of my favorite beauty spots here in Capri, it offers not only perfumes but also cosmetics. Here is their summer package, sun lotion and after sun lotion enriched with Capri flower and herbs essences, that comes with a beautifully colored pareo styled in the typical Carthusia pattern.
Carthusia sun products come with a beautiful pareo wrap

Carthusia's pink pareo, you can choose from blue, green, pink and ...

Southern Beauty Ideas: L'Erbolario: Ananas Cell


This is actually a product line from Lodi near Milano, but on sale here in Southern Italy quite often, for example in the so-called parafarmacie that you can also find on Capri.

The Ananas Cell Line works perfectly to enhance skin and promote firmness. You can read more about this product line here.

Dolce&Gabbana's Capri experience


Recently I have come across the website of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue TV spot, taken in June 2010 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Light Blue Fragrance Line. Watching this video here at their Website you get an excellent experience of the shimmering sea in summer and its light blue surface ... You can even hear the sounds of the sea including the faint cries of the sea gulls.

Cos'è lo stile Capri


What is the Capri Style - Capri - Frammenti di uno stile. This cannot be a blog on Capri Fashion missing the fact that Capri is now focusing on the target of defining "what is our fashion style and how has it developed and is developing".
Capri's editor Libreria La Conchiglia (three outlets exclusively here on the isle of Capri) is now hosting an exhibition on the history of Capri fashion, in the sense of fashion worne by famous visitors over the last century. 
In front of La Conchiglia, Anacapri: announcement of the exhibition on Capri Fashion in Via Camerelle
Fashion, what it looked like in the sixties as promoted by Brigitte Bardot, Sofia Loren. But also artists and writers' pictures make up the book that accompanies the exhibition. A nostalgic journey back in time to find the thread of Capri fashion. Ausilia Veneruso and Riccard Esposito have authored the book, 
If you happen to be in Capri now, you could walk into the Via Camerelle, 18 shop of La Conchiglia and take a look at the fashion pictures on show here.
The new Capri Fashion book - you can also order it online via Libreria La Conchiglia, Capri.

Late afternoon at Capri's Piazzetta


Take a seat and watch what Capri's Piazzetta looked like a few days ago: on a hot and airless afternoon, with just a few clouds hovering above, the Piazzetta's cafes offered a respite from the many tourists present in this season. Here are a few pictures taken from an usual angle:
Flower pots lining the stairs leading up to the church of Santo Stefano

Quite crowded, but still it feels right when seated under the ombrelloni
The Piazzetta's cafes styled in light brown and beige this year

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