Relais Maresca: stylish white-and-blue hotel at Marina Grande


If you love watching boats, this is a hotel I can recommend you stay in: the Relais Maresca (4 stars), because it is situated overlooking Marina Grande, Capri's harbor.
The hotel is next to the funicular train station and bus stops, so you can reach both Capri and Anacapri easily, and at the same time the beaches on the northern part of the island, and also Bagni di Tiberio. 
From its terrace, you can watch both boats coming into the harbor, plus a splendid view of the Gulf of Naples and of course Vesuvius.

Capri Sunset Colors

Arrival at Capri's Port Marina Grande


... a shimmering view of blue seas off Marina Grande, Capri's port that I described a few days ago.
This place is usually very crowded, so an initative of restyling the Port by creating a platform (Piazza a Mare) has been developed.
In the following Video on Capri's Port Marina Grande you can watch views of the Marina Grande. The biggest passenger boats arriving here are boats of the Naples-based shipping line Caremar (Campania Regione Mare) that service the island back and forth from the mainland cities of Naples and Sorrento.
To see the timetables of the boats, click here for Caremar Routes in the Gulf of Naples and Timetables

Marina Grande: Finally you have reached Capri


The habor where the ferries and hydrofoils arrive is called "Marina Grande": it is here that the car ferries carrying everything Capri needs from the Italian mainland, from foods, cars. And a lot of guests and locals as well...

At Marina Grande you can either decide to take a leisurely walk to the right and to the left of the pier, or to climb up to Capri town. Down here, surrounding the port, is a beautiful cluster of colorful little houses once inhabited by Capri's fishermen. Here you will also find ticket offices for the shipping companies, the island's buses and the funicular train going straight up to Capri's Piazzetta.

So before you go exploring the island, I recommend that you deeply breathe in the sea breeze and slowly walk down the pier on the left, then turn and watch as the loads of tourists and cars have all of a sudden disappeared, and you can now take in the harbor scene at your own pace.

You will also find that close to the port, Marina Grande's beach is the largest of the island. From here, the shuttle boat to Palazzo a Mare (Tiberius' seaside villa) is leaving.

To the left of the pier, a series of restaurants, bars, vegetable, herbs and spice shops and a pharmacy are located. Turing right from the peer, after a few hundred meters you will reach the Marina Grande station of the funicular train, taking you up in five minutes to a beautiful belvedere, from which after a few steps you can walk immeadiately into Capri's Piazzetta. Read about that later on ...

May in Capri: A Sunday Afternoon Outfit


Welcome to Capri

Welcome to Capri, this beautiful island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just off the Sorrentine Coast, in the Southern part of the Gulf of Naples. You can reach Capri by public transportation services "Caremar" departing from Naples, Sorrento, but it is also possible to go to Capri directly from Positano on the Amalfi Coast and from Ischia.

Join me on this website to show you what most visitors look for - as they tell me, it is enjoying their days on the island and integrating its beauty and good experience "somehow" into their lives.

You can do so for example by taking home good ideas (real ones or only ideas...) to lighten up your lives, starting with adding ideas and features from Capri and Italy in general to your personal style in fashion, cooking and gardening and to your homes.

This new site would like to become a good source for you to tap for that purpose, and would like to accompany you when walking around the island, or in case you are just browsing at home, introducing Capri's popular places but also leading you beyond. And, as the name of this site suggests, I would like to introduce fashion made in Italy and in particular in Campania, including Capri's of course. It is about fashion ideas but also about fashion labels you may not know but that the locals are wearing.

The first post on this website gave you a quick overview on the spring colors en vogue here in Southern Italy, fashion items worn in Capri for the typical May weather (which this year has been rather unpredictable).

Visit my new Blog on Mediterranean Settings and Recipes for Breakfast

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