Stylish White Hotel: Gatto Bianco


If you love cat, then this is the Hotel you should stay at Capri: the Gatto Bianco, meaning "White Cat", and there is of course a white cat about the premises...Read here the story why the hotel is named Gatto Bianco.
The stone cat
The real cat; Matisse!!!!
Four star hotel situated at 3 minutes' walking distance from the Piazzetta, in Via Vittorio Emanuele, the narrow street leading down from the Piazzetta towards Via Camerelle. Stylish hotel with flowery, tiled and shaded terraces, exquisite food and white-washed walls.

Tod's Boutique at Capri's Piazzetta


..just beside the archway, here is a top boutique situated right at Capri's Piazzetta. 
Expect leather garments, shoes, accessoires and bags of the hightest quality in colorful shades. Click here for a video to see how exquisitely they are made...

Capri Tod's Blue

Capri Tod's Blue

Tod's leather shoes
$562 -

Tod's tods shoes
$316 -

Tod's leather sandals
£329 -

Tod's leather sandals
£298 -

Tods high heel pumps
£110 -

Tod s tods handbag
€528 -

Tod s leather bangle
$245 -

TOD'S Elasticated ballerina
£244 -


..the salon of the island, focal point of Capri Town. Click here for a first 360-degree glimpse.
La Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I) and the Church of Sano Stefano
You might want to sit down in the cane chairs of one of the four Cafes, preferably in the morning to enjoy a torta caprese and cappuccino, for a start at the Gran Caffé.
Torta caprese

Panoramic View from Capri's Belvedere


When you have arrived up at Capri's Belvedere you can decide whether to turn left for the Piazzetta, and sit down in one of the four cafes (I will describe that later on in this blog), or to turn right towards Via Roma, a slightly descending street at first, with gift shops and of course fashion shops, but leading out of town towards Anacapri.
Towards Via Roma
Follow the link here to enjoy a panoramic view from Capri's Belvedere: you can see the Clocktower, the Piazzetta and Via Roma.
At Via Roma, you could take a coffee (un café) and enjoy some home-made pastries Bar Pasticceria Da Alberto.
And enjoy a torta caprese or one of their fantastic dolci on the terrace...

Towards the Capri Piazzetta...


Having arrived after a few minutes' ride in the funicular train at Capri's old town, before reaching its focal point, the renowned Piazza Umberto I, this is what you see from the Belvedere Platform when you get off the funicolare:
View from the Funicolare station at the Belvedere across the wrought iron railings towards Via Roma
Another view of flat-roofed white-washed houses, olive groves and pines
Looking back at the Funicolare station, this is the picture you get:
Now you are just a few steps away from the famous Piazzetta...

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