Trip to Sorrento: Profumeria Corso Italia


Sometimes it is fun to take the early afternoon Caremar boat to Sorrento, and to make a stroll in through the stores there - window shopping included. From the harbor you might take one of the buses, a taxi ride to Piazza Tasso is about EUR 10.
One of my favorites for make-up and perfumes is Profumeria Corso Italia, situated next to Sorrento's Piazza Tasso, right in the center of town.

Profumeria Corso Italia - Art Parfumery specializes in unusual collections of high-quality stylish products one cannot find very often here. One of my favorites here is the Diptyque perfume Paris, or a MTJ make-up collection, or you might find the lasted nail color by Zoya ...
In addition to the product range, the store's interior is very stylished - completely white, and wide white marbel steps lead up to the exhibition area located on the first floor ...
Take a look at their Facebook Page...

Strolling through Via Camerelle


Window-shopping at Capri's Via Camerelle, by the way this is what this Blog is actually named :-)). After passing through Capri's Piazzetta (read more about the Piazzetta in my blog post) and down via Via. V. Emanuele (read more in my blog "A Garden in Capri" here), you arrive finally in Capri's most fashionable and probably most expensive street. 
This is Via Vittorio Emanuele opening up into Via Camerelle at its lowest point. To the left, you can see the pastel colored facade of the renowned hotel Quisisana, and of course this place is embellished by the ever present oleander and bougainville shrubs

Here we are turning left into Via Camerelle that is quite narrow here. On the right-hand side is the terrace of the hotel Quisisana, the whole yellow buiding complex. You  can also see a typical yellow electric vehicle used on Capri to transport baggage from the harbor to the hotels and back again.
It is not just fashion shops and all kinds of boutiques and shoe stores but there are hotels, a book shop (La Conchiglia) and of course wonderful flowering shrubs and trees and palm trees to admire. Have a first look at this ambiance, we will come back later in this blog again and again to Via Camerelle.
Via Camerelle is lined with pink, rose and white oleander trees flowering from April to October, and is protected on the other side by white shades that shield the merchandise exposed from the sun, and of course the clients ...
Pompei-red washed facades host some of the most renowned brands of the world ...
Pastel fairy-like facades invite window shopping, and in this pictures visitors are glad because the sun is hiding momentarily behind the clouds (it came back again half an hour later -:))
If you want to read more about the palm groves lining Via Camerelle, just click here for the article on my blog "A Garden in Capri".

Coral bracelets from Capri


Like in the other towns lining the Sorrento and Amalfi coast, on Capri you can find all varieties of coral jewelry, red ones and also tinted blue ones. This one made up of three strands of blue corals, can be bought in a tiny store in Anacapri, in Via Axel Munthe, just beside the famous house and garden where they sell quite a variety of antique and fashionable coral bracelets.

I pizzi di Capri - typical Capri lace fashion


Fashion embellished and embroidered with lace - in white and pastel colors mostly. This is Moda da Luisa, a tiny shop located in Via Roma, just a few steps from the Piazzetta. White lace gowns, dresses, scarfs, embroidered pants, tops, all hand-made in this shop with great experience and tradition. Here you can take a look at their vetrina, and yes - they also sell luxurious sandals to complete a perfect outfit for a warm September day.

September treat - come preservare la tintarella ....


How can we preserve the Capri tintarella - meaning how to prolong our sun tan - for this purpose, I have assembled a sweet-smelling package based on natural ingredients. All products are by L'Erbolario, a brand that is available in Capri and Sorrento in most parafarmacie (chemist shops selling cosmetics in addition to medicine).
The new slightly tinted Crema Illuminante Doposole (illuminating after sun cream) makes sun-tanned skin sparkle with tiny golden shimmers, and le chiome stressate - stressed hair reacquires silkness easily after taking (too) many sun-baths thanks to the Velo Solare, coconut oil that vaguely smells of olio di monoi. To recover your eyes exposed to the sun for too long, Crema Contorno Occhi based on camelia extracts and grape seed works wonders for firmness. These are some of the summer cosmetics en vogue here.

To complete the first aid package, try crema deodorante with a soft Iris scent, and one of the Ananas Cell products. This will keep your tintarella for another week or so ...

Stylish white-green afternoon break: Villa San Michele


... after visiting the unique Gardens of Villa San Michele in Anacapri, you might want to choose to climb yet another set of stairs up to the second floor to the rooftop, and visit Cafe Casa Oliv, their café that was recently opened. Here you can enjoy a white-green ambience made of white-washed walls of the flat roof top and the green shrubs, palms and pines around. 
Ischia on the horizons ...
Torta caprese, sparkling mineral water with lemon, and a café of course ... makes you want to brave the heat and go on exploring ...
The air is full of pine trees
View from the roof top of Villa San Michele, back towards Anacapri and the sea just below
Besides sitting amidst the tops of scented pine trees and sea breeze, as well as Ischia well within view, you might want to taste Capri delicacies (like torta caprese or caprilù), and browse through a selection of books on Villa San Michele and Axel Munthe, that just wait for visitors on a table just across the bar counter.

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